[IOT Robotics] Watt Control

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전력 컨트롤 IoT 디바이스 개발 프로젝트이다. IR 통신을 통해 애플리케이션으로 스마트 홈 시스템을 구축하는 것이다. 로보틱스 홈 서버 시스템을 구성하여 각각의 기기를 등록하고 기기와 애플리케이션이 전력량을 파악하고 컨트롤하여IoT 로보틱스가 가정으로 들어오는 형태를 선보인다.

“Watt control” is a IoT device to control power. It makes for building a smart home system with the application using IR communication. When you resister your home appliances through the home server robotics systems and can adjust to determine the amount of power in the application. The project shows that IoT Robotics coming into the home.

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