Week 2 in Seoul

2016-08-10 01:25
Week 2 has been equally fun- filled with field trips! First up was a trip to the Digital Media City, the place I was told from where most of the broadcasting takes place- an important place I presume for a media intense city like Seoul. We were there to attend the opening of the New Media Arts Festival. Over the weekend, I took it easier this time around- relaxing mostly at the Hanok. I did spend a few hours on Sunday visiting the National Museum of Korea- a massive museum space spanning collections from a large time period. It was a little overwhelming for me, I must admit. I also got a chance to make a quick visit to the Jogyesa temple near Insadong in Seoul. The temple was beautiful! The inside of the temple was filled with decorations of light lamps of different colors. It was a magnificent sight, especially at night with all the lighting on.

We also made it to the TeamLab exhibit at the Lotte World. That was a really nice experience! The entire exhibition had a great fun filled vibe to it- drawing kids to create art and see it come alive with animated creatures dashing around screens where their art also got uploaded. The highlight of the exhibit, for me, was the ‘Wander through the Crystal Universe’ piece (Pic 1). The exhibit visit was followed by a nice dinner with the Director of ANC and the rest of the crew.

I realized I did not talk about my work here much, so will give some brief glimpses of my experiments this week. In essence, I have been working on how art creation process can be carried out with an artificially intelligent machine. The explorations are around creating a tool, where a person draws something, and a machine ‘imagines’ on top of it to produce its own interpretations. I have also been experimenting with how a machine might generate descriptions and stories about the artwork it created with the human. Can we possibly add personalities to the text generation? All this has required me to work on software implementations over the week- working my way around neural network architectures and training datasets. Stay tuned for outcomes!

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    안녕하세요! 하싯입니다^^

    한국에서 보내는 두 번째 주도 역시 즐거운 일들이 가득했습니다. 이번 주에는 디지털 미디어 시티에서 열린 뉴미디어 아트 페스티벌의 오프닝에 참석하고, 주말은 한옥에서 휴식을 취했습니다. 일요일에는 국립 중앙 박물관에 갔는데, 박물관은 두통을 불러일으킬 정도로 엄청난 소장품을 가지고 있더군요. 또 인사동에 있는 조계사에도 잠깐 방문했는데, 조계사는 굉장히 아름다웠어요. 절 안에 있는 알록달록한 색깔의 연등들에 불이 켜진 모습은 너무나도 인상적이었습니다.

    롯데 월드에서 열린 팀 랩 전시도 다녀왔습니다. 어린아이들이 굉장히 좋아할 전시였는데, 많은 작품들 중 제 눈을 사로잡은 작품은 ‘크리스탈 유니버스’라는 작품이었어요.

    생각해보니 제가 아직 제 작품에 대한 이야기를 하지 않았네요. 간단하게 말씀드리면, 저는 인공 지능을 통해 사람의 예술 창작 활동을 표현하는 작업을 하고 있습니다. 사람이 무언가를 그리면, 인공 지능이 스스로 작품 이미지를 해석하고 작품에 관한 설명 또는 이야기를 만들어내는 도구를 만들어, 사람과 인공지능이 서로 소통할 수 있도록 하고 싶습니다. 과연, 인공지능이 작품에 대한 이야기에 본인의 개성을 담아내는 일이 가능한 걸까요? 궁금하신 분께서는 다음 리포트를 기대해 주세요!