[Performance Robot] Beat Bots Band

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퍼포먼스용 드럼로봇이다. 4개의 로봇암을 통해 전자드럼을 연주하고, 2개의 손으로 각각 미디 콘트롤러와 아날로그 신디사이저를 연주하는 형태이다. 로봇파티에서는 국악연주자와 협연으로 인간과 로봇이 함께 즐기는 공연을 선보였다.

“Beat Bots Band” is a performance drum robot. The robot plays the electronic drums with four robot arm, Two hands play a MIDI controller and an analog synthesizer. Collaboration with the Music player to enjoy the show presented with humans and robots in the Robot party. 


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