[Robot Arm] Light Calligraphy Bot

산업용 로봇암인 수직 다관절 로봇을 통한 드로잉 퍼포먼스이다. 산업 일선에서 쓰이고 있는 로봇암을 전시공간으로 끌어들여 로봇이 기존의 기능을 넘어 새로운 역할을 보여주는 형태이다. 붓과 먹등을 이용한 한국적인 컨텐츠를 사용한 퍼포먼스를 한다. “Light Calligraphy Bot” showed the drawing performance using a vertical multi-joint robot that is a industrial robot arm. By bringing the robot arm used for industrial to exhibition space, the robot beyond the existing capabilities indicates a new role. The project indicates Korean content of performance by a brush and ink sticks. 

[Quadruped walking robot] Chair Walker

일상의 사물인 의자를 로봇화한다. 다족 보행 로봇기술을 이용하여 ‘앉을수 없는 의자’를 구현하였다. 대상을 인지하게되면 의자는 도망을 다니게 되고, 사람이 앉지 못하도록 한다. “chair walker “ is to robotize chairs that are things of everyday life. We have implemented “not to sit on a chair” with multi-legged walking robot system. The chair is designed to recognize people and goes away from people. It prevents a person to sit.  

[Performance Robot] Beat Bots Band

퍼포먼스용 드럼로봇이다. 4개의 로봇암을 통해 전자드럼을 연주하고, 2개의 손으로 각각 미디 콘트롤러와 아날로그 신디사이저를 연주하는 형태이다. 로봇파티에서는 국악연주자와 협연으로 인간과 로봇이 함께 즐기는 공연을 선보였다. “Beat Bots Band” is a performance drum robot. The robot plays the electronic drums with four robot arm, Two hands play a MIDI controller and an analog synthesizer. Collaboration with the Music player to enjoy the show presented with humans and robots in the…

[Emotional Robot] 19 Ted bot

영화’19곰 테드’에서 모티브를 얻은 토이로봇이다. 성인을 위한 친구 같은 로봇으로 자연어 음성인식 기술과 인간을 식별하는 컴퓨터 비젼 기술을 통해 장난감같은 로봇에 기초적인 인공지능을 부여한 로봇이다. “19 Ted Bot” is a toy robot that inspired from the “Ted” movie. It is a robot for adults with computer vision technology to identify the human and speech recognition and natural language processing. The robot is a toy robot with a basic artificial intelligence.